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Whole Charred Beasts

Experience the real flavour of charcoal roasted beasts. Choose the meat, the accompaniments and your preferred international style. (American, Asian, European, Indian, Moroccan)

Ideal for large gatherings, corporate events, day after weddings or birthday celebrations.

Sample menu

1. Asian Inspired Suckling Pig With World’s Best Crackling, Miso Mayo And Plum Chutney

Thai Slaw

Roast Pak Choi With Mirn Peanut And Mint Dressing

Wild Rice Salad

Served With Gourmet Baps


2. Moroccan Flavoured Lamb With Tzatziki, Rosemary Aioli

Quinoa Salad With Cumin Roasted Carrots, Apricot, Almond And Pomegranate 

Pea Salad With Barley, Mint And Feta Dressed In A Sherry Dressing.

Chickpea, Coriander Seed And Green Bean Salad

Served With Gourmet Baps


Pease contact us for any other menus or ideas.